Anavar (Oxandrolone) Solo Course

Oxandrolone – Solo Course

The course includes Oxandrolone 200 tablets of 10 mg, the active substance – Oxandrolonum and Clomed 20 tablets of 50 mg, the active substance – Clomiphene.

Course duration – 5 weeks

Duration after course of therapy – 3 weeks

The course of oxandrolone solo is suitable for beginners and women who want to make their muscles more relief, as well as gain 2-3 kg of lean muscle mass. In addition, this steroid is great for women (they, unlike men, do not require PCT). During the course, oxandrolone is taken in the amount of 6 tablets daily (2 in the morning, 2 before training or in the evening, 2 at night). Dosage for girls – 10-20 mg per day.

Anavar (Oxandrolone) Solo Course

After discontinuation of this drug should be started after a course of therapy, which consists in taking Clomid according to the following scheme – 1 tablet per day for 20 days. The antiestrogen drug Clomid binds to estrogen receptors in the pituitary gland and testes, thus the negative effect of estrogen on the production of endogenous testosterone. Tribulus can be taken in parallel with Clomid for 3-4 weeks.

Individual Course

Also with the individual course of Oxandrolone, the athlete’s body will experience rapid recovery after exercising from physical pressure, injury, and tissue healing as a result of the injury.

Oxandrolone also plays an important role in strengthening bones, preventing the occurrence of sprains and fractures that occur in various contact sports and at high loads during exercise. It is important to note that oxandrolone is better for women than other steroids because it has little androgenic activity, only 25% testosterone, while high anabolic activity can be noticed – 400% testosterone levels.

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Oxandrolone has been shown to be very effective, especially in dehydrating athletes, so that you can improve muscle width and stiffness. This effect occurs immediately because steroids are usually tablets, enter the gastrointestinal tract, are absorbed and spread into the bloodstream throughout the body. Therefore, the level of anabolism, even with the most difficult diet, does not allow you to lose useful muscle fibers. Therefore, the main results of using Oxandrolone solo:

Individual Course
  1. Achieve comfort and separation of desired muscles
  2. Effective burning of subcutaneous fat
  3. Increase strength and endurance
  4. It stimulates the production of growth hormone, which stimulates muscle growth

Despite the fact that the drug is in tablet form, Oxandrolone does not cause solo hepatotoxicity, but refers to low levels of steroid toxicity to the liver. This drug is also not convertible to estrogen, which guarantees the absence of many side effects. Bodybuilders should not use a solo aromatase inhibitor, which is expensive. Gynecomastia does not occur even if athletes are very sensitive to female hormones.

Individual Oxandrolone courses are most effective if the athlete has muscle rather than a high percentage of fat. Steroids allow you to increase width while reducing subcutaneous fat. Don’t forget low calorie foods full of protein. If you have difficulty consuming a lot of protein foods, you can buy protein from high-quality producers.

Independent Course

Oxandrolone is effective in an independent course, provided it is taken as directed. The independent course is usually scheduled for 5-6 weeks, during which time 200 oxandrolone tablets and 40 clomid tablets, which are prescribed as post-cycle therapy, are taken 3 weeks after the steroid is finished. . Clomid allows you to completely restore your testosterone production, which is reduced by using artificial steroids, and Oxandrolone solo is no exception.

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Take 6 tablets of Oxandrolone daily, which is divided into three doses of 2 tablets for 33 days. Like one of the options. The solo course can also last 45 days. Finally, turn on Clomid

Independent Course

The first 2 days – 2 pills

For the next 12 days – 1 tablet

Last 8 days – 0.5 clomid tablets.